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It wasn't so much of a house or home, more like a shack; a shelter... A wooden building in this huge tree in the middle of nowhere, but it had all we needed. A tin roof and four walls, two of which held the window and door... Well I call them that but really it was just a wooden wall with a hole for the window and door should be.

But it was set in the most beautiful surroundings, miles from modern day; perfect for us to get better aquainted. Inside the room was sparse, a huge king size bed dominated the room. There was a oak desk with a chair, leather and oh so comfortable. A small room walled off for bathing and other business! There was a kitchen table and chairs, two of them; perfect for our quiet nights in! And a small kitchenette area, small area for preparing the food and a small stove to cook upon... Of course you are the cook, I am more the looking after you type.

We sit for hours, talking about life and all that has brought us to this moment. Often we can be found laying together on our bed, you propped up against the headboard; me laying with my head in your lap. Sometimes we will lay listing to the rain pouring down upon the rooftop, watching as it comes inside the open window. You tell me how they are angels tears, crying for their loved ones - my heart breaks knowing that one day, quite soon these will be your tears; and you will be my angel in heaven.
Image called "Depressed" Internet web image 2010.
Words created for The Creative Writers Contest. Nicky D Sarti 2012.

Theme was "Sad Love Story"
I know it is very short, but I wanted it to be short but thought provoking. Hope it does that.
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